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GBR4U and Applicants (herein referred to as: We) Fundamental Ethics:

1) Honesty and Integrity are the forefront of our membership which ensures ethical performance.

2) We strive to achieve Trust and Respect between our members.

3) We commit to attending weekly and agree to have someone represent us when we cannot make a business get together.

4) We believe in giving valuable business referrals.

5) We believe services are to be provided of a high standard.

6) We agree to follow up promptly on referrals received.

7) We agree to keep Group members informed of progress with expected commencement and completion dates, if applicable.

8) We agree not to have any "hidden" cost within a quotation  and agree all Quotations to Include VAT or clearly marked  VAT Excluded terms.

9) We agree to Conduct ourselves with a Professional Positive Attitude.

10) We pledge to cooperate fully in furthering the efforts of GBR4U's growth as well as our own. 

11) We agree to uphold and honour our Fundamental Ethics  and agree to appropiate action that may be taken should any of the Fundamental Ethics not being upheld. Disciplinary action may be a warning, suspension or expulsion from the group. 

Application Process, Some Guidelines and Declarations, please take note:

- You are welcome to attend up to three meetings as a Guest within at any Pioneer group within 35 km range of the first group after which you need to be inducted as a member. You may apply immediately and be inducted sooner as per guideline.

- We are no different to most other network organisations in lieu of needing an existing member to introduce you to a GBR4U group.

- There is no commission or any other type of reward for introducing members to a GBR4U group besides the opportunity to market and brand your business. Remember, business referrals as well as their outcome are not guaranteed.

- We do not allow competitive business members within a Pioneer Group. Applications will only be accepted should your normal daily business activity not clash with an existing member. A small percentage of similarities may however be allowed.

- Should your core occupation class change whilst a member you would need to notify your group to have your new occupation registered. In the unfortunate case where you now share an occupation class with another member then the existing member has got the right to the occupation class and you would need to transfer to another Pioneer Group I'd there is an opening, if not, you would be expected to resign or be willing to start another Pioneer Group. 

- Once you have completed the Membership Application you need to submit it to the Pioneer Group Admin Officer who will pass it on to the Membership Committee. You will be notified of your acceptance or non-acceptance.

- The membership committee decision is final. No reason needs to be given for non-acceptance.

- Once you have been notified of your acceptance, payment may be made using the bank details on the invoice together with your reference number (also on invoice).

- Once your membership fees have been paid, the Group Director will Induct you and welcome you to your Pioneer Group.

- Once membership have been paid we have a "no refund" policy no matter what the circumstances are. 

- Once you have been applied for membership as well as being inducted it is accepted that you will abide by our Fundamental Ethics as stated above.

- You may not belong to another similar type of networking organisations. This is to prevent your business referral loyalties being divided between the organisations. Your business however, represented by another person, may belong to any other business referral group.

Note: Your local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Round Table etc. does not fall within this exclusion.

Member's Lounge

Our Members Lounge allows our members to edit and update their information, as well as post status and photos about what has been happening in their business.

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